Pine from Chile


Pine wood imported from Chile was cultivated and exploited in a short time. The price of Chilean wood is not high, but the quality is absolutely guaranteed. When mature, it produces a glossy and beautiful wood grain. Therefore, Chilean pine is one of the top choices for furniture and exterior factories.

Chilean pine products are favored in the market because of their beautiful, clear colors and wooden boards. Moreover, pine wood is easy to make with beautiful, creative models, comfortable for customers.

Characteristics of Chilean pine:

Adhere to screws very well, with excellent compressive strength. Chilean pine is used to design furniture such as tables, beds, wardrobes, chairs, … and brings a luxurious, durable and beautiful space.
Chilean pine wood grain is uniform and beautiful, combined with bright colors. The deep color of heartwood makes your interior space even more luxurious.
Note that the eyes are large or small on the wood. This feature is the deciding factor for the impression of interior products. The storage humidity of Chilean pine must be below 12% to ensure that the wood does not warp and rot.

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